St. George on Horse with Dragon Statue | Hand Carved In Italy | Multiple Sizes

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Saint George is the patron saint of England. He's popularly identified with England and English ideals of honor, bravery and gallantry - but actually he wasn't English at all. Very little, if anything, is known about the real Saint George. Pope Gelasius said that George is one of the saints "whose names are rightly reverenced among us, but whose actions are known only to God." Saint George's Feast Day is 23 April.

He is patron saint not only of England but also of Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany and Greece; and of Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice (second to Saint Mark). He's also patron saint of soldiers, archers, cavalry and chivalry, farmers and field workers, riders and saddlers, and he helps those suffering from leprosy, plague and syphilis. In recent years he has been adopted as patron saint of Scouts.

The St. George on Horse with Dragon statue is fully hand carved and hand painted with oil colors.

Although some sizes are in stock, please allow stated delivery days to arrive from Italy.

Item is handmade & handpainted - slight variations in color from provided picture may occur

Available in the following sizes:

Size Delivery Days Material
7" 14 Maple Wood
9" 14 Maple Wood
12" 14 Maple Wood
14" 14 Maple Wood
28" 14 Linden Wood


Statue customization is available - sizes, coloring, design, and more - please contact us for a quote and timeline.