Parish Account Setup

Institutional Customers are eligible for a number of different discounts, from free shipping to wholesale pricing. We also extend billing services/credit lines, and tax exempt status to Organizations that are eligible. 

Once you have submitted the application below, you will be contacted within 24 hours:

  • If a new account: your login information
  • If an existing account: confirmation of status change
  • Details on all applicable discounts (vary by region).

To register your Religious Organization please follow the steps below.  

New Account Setup

All religious organizations are eligible for our discount program. You do not need to submit tax exempt paperwork to take advantage of this status. Please just submit the application below if you are interested in registering your Organization. After you submit the application please email to confirm your registration - just notifying us that you are interested in the account setup; we can then formally set up your account for applicable discounts. The following steps need to be completed ONLY if you are looking for tax exemption & billing services.

Tax Exempt Status & Billing Services

If you are interested in setting up a tax-exempt nonprofit/religious organization account please fill out the fields below, or contact us at or 1-800-334-3621. Additionally, we will need an emailed/faxed copy of your tax exemption forms; our fax number is 561-844-5295. If you have any questions regarding the application for this process you can visit the IRS website hereWe will be happy to create a tax-exempt account for your convenience. We complete all applications within 24 hours of receipt. 

Existing HLAC Customers - Tax Exemption & Credit Lines

If you have an existing account and/or credit line with Holy Land Art Company and you would like to leverage your account (and tax exempt status) on our website please fill out the fields below, or contact us at or 1-800-334-3621. All of your current account information can be accessed through our website once it is integrated.

You will be charged all applicable and relevant sales tax until you contact us to originate your online account and verify your tax status.


If you are tax exempt but would like to complete an immediate purchase, we can retroactively refund you the tax amount after your purchase is complete.