#9413 Embroidered Floral Print Marian Cope | Wool/Silk

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  • Embroidered Marian Cope with Floral Print and Marian Symbol on each side of Cope
  • Embroidered Marian Symbol on Back with Silver Tassels
  • Silver Trim and Silver Lining around Neck
  • Fabric: 60% Wool/40% Silk
  • Part of the #9413 Vestment Set
  • Made in Italy
  • While some items are in stock, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery

Gamma is a family owned and operated textile manufacturer located outside of Milan, Italy that can trace its roots to 1911. Gamma has always been synonymous with professionalism and passion, and has produced intricate textiles for some of the most influential individuals on earth, including members of the Holy See and Prince Albert of Monaco (specifically for his wedding celebration to Ms. Charlene Wittstock). Gamma takes great pride in its ability to mesh trade expertise and family tradition.