Altar Server Manual | Pack of 12

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Introducing a new series of parish ministry books for lay leaders! This Altar Servers Manual is for all who are giving back to their parish by participating in the worship that Catholics offer the Lord in Holy Mass.

In this fully illustrated new guide, readers will learn about the gift, prayers and parts of the Mass. The book includes the actions to learn and their menaing, as well as a section about the nature and meaning of liturgical materials and vestmensts. Altar Servers Manual features Scriptures and prayers for altar servers, as well as quotes of the Popes and Saints. it includes a brief history of altar serving, a special message for parents, a complete altar servers' glossary and more. This exceptional new title from Aquinas Press is sure to be the definitive guide for altar servers who are new to their role as ministers and prayer leaders.

  • Paperback
  • 6 x 9" H, 84 pages