16" Polar Advent Candle Set | Sarum Blue/Pink

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With the demise of the Roman Empire and the invasion of the pagan Anglo-Saxons, Christians in Britain were in hiding and the church was in disarray. Pope Saint Gregory the Great recognized that Gaul needed a leader and sent Saint Augustine to England. Saint Augustine found a robust church that had developed, over time, rituals and practices that were different from the Roman rites but fitting in a land with a different heritage. He embraced this form of Christianity and it found its way into the liturgy that he spread throughout the region. Several centuries later when the Normans invaded the British Isles, their ritual along with the Gallic rites, formed what today we know to be the Sarum tradition.

The Sarum rites brought us special hymns and practices as well as church colors that differed from the rites spread throughout the Roman Empire. During the Advent season, which was gaining liturgical significance, Christians used a blue sarum color to adorn their vestments and candles.

Christians believe that Advent is a season of preparation that anticipates both Bethlehem and the consummation of history in the second coming of Jesus Christ. Since this anticipation is characterized by hope in contrast to the repentance characteristic of Lent the color for the Advent season should be blue with its hopefulness.

Today, Will & Baumer® is proud to offer our exclusive Sarum Advent Candles that replicate the liturgy of ancient Gaul and are colored with a majestic blue and rose. Our handcrafted Sarum Advent Candles are reminiscent of the early church in times of persecution, when being a Christian was both dangerous and difficult.

We encourage you to step back in time and experience the long lasting, pure burning quality of Will & Baumer® candles in the time-honored Sarum tradition that will add warmth and dignity to your Advent liturgy of today.

  • Material: 85% Paraffin/15% Palm, Wick #9 from Japan
  • Size: 1 1/2" X 16"